Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A treat to a friend

Been busy this days and always too tired to c0ok,g0od thing is my friend 7-11 is just a few steps away fr0m my place,in time of laziness my friend is always there,ready to serve my vegetarian meal anytime of the day,just a 100bucks and there y0u have it,right in fr0nt of y0u...but of c0rz fresh veggies and fresh f0od is always better f0r any0ne,and if im really in the m0od I do c0ok a lot and treat my friends of their fav0rite dumplings,its a p0rk dumplings actually,d0'nt be c0nfused ok?im a vegetarian and I don't eat red meat but I still can c0ok if necessary f0r s0me friends or family.
Just like t0day my friends keep asking me to make s0me dumplings f0r them,and I just can't say n0.i always love to do this things thou im pretty tired.s0,just to give them what they asked f0r,i prepared a hundred pcs. Of dumplings,they might finish it in 2 days if they w0n't st0p eating it f0r the next next meal,hahaha...

oh well there y0u go I need to rest n0w and be ready f0r an0ther battle this evening,be safe folks!


Dhianz said...

dumplings.. sounds so yummy to meeh especially that i'm so hungry right now... so you're totally vegetarian?.. well me... sometimes they call me semi-vegetarian.. 'cause i don't eat pork and beef... i wanted to be totally vegetarian but dunno if i could do it though.. kinda hard... so yeah... take care.. Godbless! -di

Misalyn said...

Ay kainggit naman..sarap naman nyan..favorite ko yan. Hmmm tsalap.

Pag nagkita tayo aawitan din kitang ipagluto mo ako hehehe.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Thanks for dr0pping by,im totally vegetarian po,alm0st into vegan.hope to see y0u again here.


Sis,sure papaawitin muna kita bago kita ipagluto,h0pe by next year magkita na tay0.

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