Sunday, June 27, 2010

the unfinished bridge...

                                       it is one of the unfinished project of the kaohsiung government located at nanzou district,im not sure how long they planned to finished this bridge but as far as i know it's been a year now since the first time i saw this bridge and everytime i can see it i always utter the words when are you going to be finish so i can take more photos of you lol!good thing is that on the night the bridge looks awesome though it is still not finish.


Friday, June 18, 2010

dream.....believed.....and be thankful.....

"i like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past."

for many months now im trying to get many  sunset photos as much as i can but sad to say we are blessed with so much rain from above and it only ended last wednesday....thank God....atleast i could breathe better now  than those rainy days sigh*.why am i so sad when it is raining so hard?well,i don't have any idea is just happening to me that everytime the rain is pouring non-stop my emotions change,as if im going to be sick....maybe because im away from my family or maybe homesickness is visiting me or it could be those past that i wanted to be erase in my mind and in my heart,those past where only those rain can tell all the pain and sufferings that i have been through...i may sound so emotional but yes...i do have a lot of pains that i win back in my past life and it is the rain that keeps me reminding....i wish to be strong  and face the new challenges of life-to forget it all and dream for a new beautiful beginning ....i was hoping to fight with this sadness about rain,and let it be my guide to travel for my is beautiful and i must thank God for the rain because some part of the world doesn't have any rain at all,i will fight for this feeling and i believed i can as i do believed that dreaming big is for free.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

watermelon flower

just a quick post to update tomorrow is our DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL here in taiwan and everyone will be very  busy including me..wish everyone a good health and happy life....stay fit linking this post to  ruby tuesday,wordless wednesday and   thanks for dropping by i'll be visiting your blogs tonight.....mhwuaaaaaa....

Friday, June 11, 2010

...yongsin harbor @ kaohsiung taiwan

Yongan’s Singang Harbor also known as Yongsin Harbor provides a place for boats and ferries to park sometimes there are big ships coming back and forth too loading and unloading oil from the nearby oil rifinery..this harbor provides full  leisure and fun that is why every summer i make it a point to visit this harbor,the beach here is quite near and a bit clean not much of people are coming  to swim... most of the time there are just few who enjoy fishing or just plain sight seeing to enjoy the sunset view...last month was my first for this year to get wet and i hope it won't be the last because for 2 weeks now rain is always on and off and that is not a real fun for me not only because i can't go swimming anymore but it's the fact that i can't go out to catch and take a snaps of places i want to share with you all so i hope rain won't be everyday(me feeling so sad!)this picture is a small fishing boat monument that serves as landmark that you can see in the main entrance of the harbor. there you go folks hope you enjoy this one....XIE,XIE for dropping by......

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

...a fountain in the fish pond?????

part of my day off  last month was to get wet at the beach and so i did you can checked it  here , but before i reach the beach i enjoyed first the scenery everywhere my eyes can see....i took a lot of snaps from the sky,took a shot some flowers from the private park of cow-milking farm where the dog barked at me angrily for crashing into their backyard lol!well,i didn't get nervous because i really love animals especially dogs and so i just let the black dog bark and while he is barking i also took pictures of him lol!i also took pictures of bridges,tombs,walls,concrete gates,birds(a lot of birds) and of course this fish pond where i spent only a little time because it is not really easy to park in the middle of the high way when you are just using a motorcycle not unless i will take the picture sitting on it which im doing most of the time,i'll tell you it's not easy to focus when your in a motorcycle much more when it is moving using a point and shoot camera.well,well,forgive me folks i just want to share how i captured this pictures and hope you will enjoy them as much as i enjoy my time capturing those snaps to share with you all!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

the red bridge

taken last month at kangshan,kaohsiung when i had a chance to take days off...i usually enjoy bridges in taiwan even before i was in taipei...some bridges are really so cool especially on the night and this one is no exemption to them though it is just so simple on daytime but there is so much beauty on the night that is why a lot of couples/lovers are here on the night enjoying the view  of the bridge and the cool weather as well.... if only this place is near to my home i would love to stay here for an hour but sad to say it is less than 2hrs away from my home....and i don't want to be in a hurry  going home especially using motorcycle is not good at night..there are so many cars making its ways into the highway for them to get home early......i took different times so you can compare how it looks like on the night and on daytime.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

....sunset....sunset....sunset......@ cheng ching lake

lucky i am to capture one more time a beautiful sunset at cheng ching lake,this was taken last week and this week almost everyday is raining so am very glad that i already save this photos for this week entry.i hope by tomorrow sunrise will shine again...too much rain makes me sick...emotionally and physically lol!a lot of people and country needs it i know but continously raining for a week is not a good thing for me not only because i felt sad when it is raining but most of all i have no energy to do my work its like i just want to lie down on my bed and wrap myself lol!funny?not really....i just hope God won't punish me for disliking too much rain,,,    am linking this post to skywatch friday go and visit the site to see lots and lots of amazing sunrise and sunsets around the world....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

....a lake for a cause????

Cheng ching Lake, formerly named Dabei Lake, is located in Niaosong Township in Kaohsiung County where i lived. It is the largest lake in  Kaohsiung and one of the most popular tourist attractions in southern Taiwan. It was originally developed from wetlands into a reservoir to meet the need for water for industrial use. Later the lake focused on its landscaping and opened to the public as a tourist destination in 1960.According to my boss when Chiang kai shek was still alive he used to lived at cheng ching lake and no one is allowed to enter the place.There are many attractions within the lake. Two main attractions are the nine-cornered bridge   and Jhongsing (Restoration) pagoda (i will try to get a decent photo of it next time)...... here are some of the views of the man-made lake...
the artificial bird made from kitchen utensils

click to view the artificial birds that  i thought  before was a real birds
a lake that supports the water need for industrial use

                                                   residential buildings on the other side of the lake

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