Thursday, January 6, 2011

welcome 2011....

before 2010  ends i got a chance to visit palau island then after palau here comes philippines and oh!before i forgot 4 days before my vacation to philippines i got a photoshoot to finish and why i am telling all of this????because that's the reason why i've been away for so long and i really really missed my blog and all the people i know in the blogging world maybe,no one misses me here but for me wasted time won't change to miss every person i've met through this blog....i've so much to share but for now i still needed a much  rest because the doctor told me's  quite fast to tell you but i....on my way to having a baby!!!yup,and it's a little bit to risky for my situation....i will try my best to update as much as i can and visit my old friends here,hope you guys still with me for this year!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL and GODBLESS everyone!!!!

                                                photo taken in Palau island

                                Palau island's temperature ranges to 33-35 degrees(i got sunburn here lol!) always on daytime and there's a few rain showers on night time....quite amazing because even the sun shines so brightly the rain will just suddenly fall on your hotel roof lol!

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