Tuesday, March 30, 2010

dream mall series (3)

hello everyone im back again... and im going to continue my dream mall series it's a bit late for this post but because i was too busy this past few days i can't even open my laptop to check what is new to my blogging friends...really missed reading all your post....anyway,my day was  not so good because my cellfone is out of order i just don't know what happen i just hope it will  still be fixed co'z if not it would be a big trouble for me i can't live without my phone....so glad i can used my laptop to send sms..... okey so much for this..... and....
enjoy my world......

wall frame inside train station going to dream mall

not so busy day at early morning and good thing the employees allowed me to take pictures and sip my coffee as well,but not to bring inside the train huh!that's is absolutely not allowed and the fine is 1500NT$...

                  the scallator on exit 3 to the waiting area of the free mini-bus going to dream mall...am a bit scared using scallators in taiwan,after my traumatic experienced falling down in one of their scallator in hsintien taipei...a guy who was drunk,accidentally hit my shoulder and that cause  my falling...what a tragedy....i got scars on my face and bruises on my arms...luckily im still alive...

                                     the exit 3 and waiting area of the  free mini-bus to the dream mall

passengers fall in line waiting for their turn on a free mini-bus going to dream mall,i was to busy taking pictures and let 2 mini-bus passed by before i take my ride going to dream mall

                                                     the free mini-bus going to dream mall
it won't be complete without flowers

                                                          outside view-left wing of dream mall
                                                              outside view of dream mall
                                                                              close up of the bridge

                                                               the dream mall

                                                the watery wall on the right side of the mall

                                              im not sure what exactly this thing was but it looks bird to my eyes....

the symbol of world games 2009 in kaohsiung,you can find this symbol almost everywhere here in kaohsiung so,i may post it not only once but many times on different places that i visit....and you may start counting it lol!hope you enjoy my  series as much as i enjoy taking this pictures on my day off.....

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

my dream mall series (2)

 hello again folks...i will make this very quick because today i need to prepare for my medical examination,wish me luck guys....hope i won't faint again like 6 months ago(shhhh.....don't tell anyone okey?)....im afraid of needles and blood so everytime i need to go to the doctor first question i will ask is that...."do you really need to inject something on me?or can i have just medicine,please?"...i just hope nothing will happen to me today so,goodluck to me,i need to get to bed take a shower and eat something and by the way this entry is still the continuaation of my dream mall series...next week i will be posting more of this series but for now let me share you first some views i saw around dream mall and the magnificient sky at that day....hope you will like and enjoy this one....i will be back tonight after my medical....see you guys....

                                                   taken around 8am at kaohsiung,taiwan

one more click please

click,click,click okey enough....it's getting hot

...and one  closer view of the back of dream mall

....the typical view on early morning just around dream mall

the lottery monument,if you will look closer you can see the numbers....can you see?

okey,that's all for now and im linking this entry to skywatch friday

Monday, March 22, 2010

my dream mall series (1)

hello everyone im doing  a dream mall series for this week,i can't be online  everyday so i choose  to put everything  in  one post....hope you will enjoy my series this time...dream mall is the largest shopping mall in taiwan and the second  largest in southeast asia after the Mall of ASia in  Manila,philippines was built. want to know more about dream mall click here :

             on my way to dream mall,i used mrt to get there and this is a automatic ticket machine

inside the train station while im waiting for the train i took this one

outside the train station going to dream mall,there's a free mini-bus waiting for all passengers to go there they serve back and forth,you just need to fall in line and wait for your turn to get in the mini bus,they return every 15 minutes(i'll be posting the mini-bus on my next post)

one of the flowers that i took while waiting for the mini-bus,the flowers are all beautiful

the side view of dream mall

fountain outside the mall i just tried to edit it if it will work on b&w?

it looks like steel birds flying around the fountain i also edit it to see How it goes on b&w?

the fountain itself.....there are  more coming out on my next issue

hope you enjoy my little fun and joy of life,thanks for dropping by.....


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

....a wish

first of all let me warned you that i do love my dad and posting some pictures of him has nothing to do with disrespect...i just want to share his only wish-a lifetime wish that he always mentioned everytime he got a chance on that topic.i grew up with my dad's idea that  having a lot of grandson and granddaughters are good.i didn't know what is really the point of wanting for so much of big family,i thought it's because he was born politician so he wants it that way but,as years gone by we learned that having a big family is really his long time dream not only because he wants his name to be carried with all his grandsons but,its the wish and dream that one day if its already his time he wants his  body to be carry by all of them.... when i heard about it,i just smiled because at that time he was still strong and healthy...only after 2009 christmas he got seriously ill and as you all know he didn't make it till his 80th birthday which is today.....he passed away at the age of 79,and everytime he will say something at the time he was ill he never forget mentioning his wish.... he asked everyone of us that if he dies  we let our nephews to carry him form our home to his resting place....that is really something and for sure not much of people will do this not even in my country especially if they live very far from the cemetery.... it's good thing we have our own in the  town and a bit nearer  than before.he is really so lucky co'z he can have his lifetime wish. i hope he is happy now because as far as im concerned we did everything to give him the best we can,maybe not so perfect but atleast we tried our best and we followed what he said.... so wherever he is now i hope he is resting in PEACE.... i love you dad and i missed you.... happy birthday too....

''the art of acceptance is the art of making someone who has just done you  a small favor wish that he might have done you a greater one".-martin luther king,jr

"as a single footstep will not make a path on the earth,so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind.to make a deep physical path,we walk again and again.to make a deep mental path,we must think over and over the kind of thoughts  we wish to dominate our  lives."-henry david thoreau

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

.....if only i could fly

2 days ago as i was standing at my window looking up in the sky i was thinking then on what should i cook for that day it is actually my birthday but because i don't have any plans of celebrating it i didn't prepare anything...my mind is too busy thinking,thingking of many things i even stare on the sky for too long-my mind was full of questions....i asked myself if what have i done for the past 34 years of my life???did i achieve anything???am i happy for all those years,did i fulfill my duty very well as a human....well,i still don't know,for that 34 years i have my ups and downs and i could say my childhood was a bliss till i reach my adolescence period... i started to become serious with my life-with everything when i learned the word "love" yeah right,i seriously got inlove at the age of 17(i got  crushes on opposite sex and suitors by the age of 13,but nothing serious),by that time my world started to change in so many ways....reminiscing???a bit,lol!  sometimes,its not easy to celebrate alone co'z you can think alot of things i even think of going home again co'z i missed my family so bad...i  missed my dad  even more.....if only i could fly like a bird then i would just fly anytime if i think of them.... gladly.that before my tears is about to come out God sent these birds(6 flock of birds) for me to know that he is always here for me,they are so lovely and they made my day more meaningful....i have never seen like this before for my 4years in here.....thank God for these wonderful gift....

let me share with you a gift from heaven.....hope you will enjoy as much i enjoy it.....

                the first flock of birds just suddenly came out while i  was looking up above.....
and there's another one,and another one till they become 4 flock of birds

another two flock of birds joined the first four  then,i saw the first four  turning back to meet the last two and here they meet at the middle

then separate again joining each flock

they are moving a little bit more closer , they are actually very very far im just using my point and shot camera zoom,after they moved a bit nearer they joined again together

then they showed to me their very very majestic performance, i sooo sooo loved them

forming in just one line together......

then joined again together

moving up,bidding their goodbye to me

up,up and away.........

till little by little they are out of my sight and my zoom can't reach them anymore

thank you Lord for these wonderful gift....im lovi'n it!!!!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

on this day.... i thank you Lord... nepza continues.......

                       this is the continuation post of my previous entry about nepza here at nanzou,kaohsiung  remember the clock and the roof  ??? on one of my previous entry i've mentioned there a tree laden with flowers that fascinates me much,i love the smell and its color it soothes my eyes reason that i don't want to stop clicking my camera till i saw that one cute little bug sucking some nectar.i didn't stop there i went to other side of nepz just few blocks away from the auditorium and there i found this man-made falls i was about to take a shot when this girls suddenly sit there  i  took the photo a little far so they won't see me. before i leave the place i returned on the place where the falls is located  to take a more closer shot and there i found this security guard whom i asked permission if i can take picture he ask me why?and i told him i just want to take pictures because i find it beautiful then i smiled at him he then said okey and smiled back to me,after i took some photos  i thank him and said goodbye. 
                                            oh!by the way i took this photos last feb. 28 when i took my days off and enjoy my early celebration for myself on the way i could simple yet satisfying just walking and wandering around the city of kaohsiung...thanks to reika for my early gifts...i just wish she change her gifts lol!co'z i don't eat chocolates hehehe....anyway,thanks reika and thank you Lord for another year,i won't ask anything material just good health and peace of mind i know you knew better what is best for me so i won't ask anymore.....

                           "whatever  with the past has gone, The best is always yet to come. "-lucy arcom

maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had, and what you've learned from them, and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.-Unknown

peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.-Buddha

       You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.-Buddha

To understand everything is to forgive everything-Buddha

You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself-Buddha

When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky-Buddha

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