Thursday, March 4, 2010

......what if???

yesterday at around 8:20 in the morning an earthquake wake me up,feeling a bit tired i thought at first i was just kind of dizzy or something but not because when the shaking lasted for about a minute i already shout and started to freak....yes,i shout and i cried calling names,i'd like to run but i can't because i was still on my summer sleeping clothes(and you don't wanna know,how  i look sigh*).i kept on calling names but everyone was rushing to reach the first floor so,without a doubt and hesitation i grab a small blanket and wrap it on myself,oh my!heavens forgive me co'z i really don't wanna die on earthquake most especially if im not wearing any decent clothes huh!i always freak everytime there's an earthquake because i got this kind of phobia since 1999 when taiwan was hit with a very strong earthquake and i was on the 10th floor of a hospital building since then i can't calm myself whenever there is a  quake even just a short shaking. i told myself  i won't die because  of the earthquake but nervous breakdown.

i was shaking and crying this morning for an hour,and everyone tried to comfort me telling me that its okey nothing to worry,oh ya???who knows??after 4-5 hours there's still an aftershock and that adds more to my fear,fear of dying without my family around,i told myself what if something happen to me here who will takecare of me,what if i die???how about my body???what if,the building collapse and something happen???i don't want to think all of's just i couldn't help it.... everyone has their own fear and my greatest fear is to die because of disaster or any accident,i don't want to die ugly(no joking!)please don't laugh....since,i was a kid i always asked my mom to check my clothes on the night if it is pretty or not co'z i told her just in case i die im pretty wearing a beautiful clothes,funny right?but,its true and until now i have this dream that when my time comes i just like im sleeping peacefully...i wish God will give me this simple wish of mine,and so i really,really don't want to die of earthquake and worst without a good clothes on me.
thank God im still alive and thank you that no one get hurt,thank you for my life and for the life of all the people living in this country,thank you for this day that i passed one more time- my greatest fear in life,thank you for protecting me today and for the next next day.thank you for giving me more chance to see and experienced the beauty of your endless creation.thank you...i asked you Lord to please takecare of me while im away to my family. thank you!!!




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jack69 said...

Wow, you were the first person we thought of when we heard. So glad you are safe now. Our prayers are with you to stay calm, now and in the future.
I know you aere beautiful, no matter what color the blanket!!!

From NC,
Jack & Sherry

Coffeeveggie addict. said...


thanks for the prayers and for the visit,please takecare you and sherry.

Antonina said...

Thanks for sharing the fotos.

Carolyn Ford said...

I understand how earthquakes create unbelievable fear. I have felt many of them myself, living in southern California. I am glad you got through this recent one okay. I especially like the first photo! What a sky! Beautiful and dramatic!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Thanks for st0pping by.

@carolyn ford,
Thanks for the visit,lucky I survive 0ne m0re time.thanks

Lucy said...

Oh my dear girl, of course you are afraid of any earth quake. I am sorry I was not aware that you felt it , I thought if you but hoped it was not that strong. I have had a computer problem today and just now got back on. Beautiful photos. I will be careful and do not worry about me. YOU BE CAREFUL MY FRIEND> I just found you not long ago and I don't want to lose you.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...
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Anonymous said...

Until five years ago I did not know much about earthquakes. Moving to Greece though, taught me much. The strongest so far was a 4.9R and only for about half a minute. To read about the strength and duration of yours, provides much understanding for your writing and its words.
Glad you are save.
Wishing you a peaceful Friday.
(now close to twenty to five in the morning, it was you i thought of)

Laura Hegfield said...

Wow what a story, glad you are ok. I've only been in an earthquake was very minor...I actually thought my cousin (who is a really big guy) was causing the couch to shake when he sat down (simultaneously with the quake) but then we noticed other things in the room shaking was actually pretty funny...not like your story.

Your photos are lovely though.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

thanks for thingking of me,please have a good sleep and takecare...wish you always have a peaceful day.

sometimes,earhquake here is just normal if it is like shaking just fro a second but the one yesterday was really different and it was recorded not the lowest of all the earthquakes here in taiwan,it's pretty funny to think that i would die of fear huh!thanks for the visit.

Regina said...

I know how it feels.
Our country is part of the ring of fire and we have that fear too.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Your skies are great!

Cheers and regards.

Evelyn Howard said...

Gosh, I am glad you are ok. I remember the 1999 earthquake coz a colleague of mine was in Taiwan (you are in Taiwan, aren't you?) on a project... Take care, and have a nice weekend, Evelyn

ps. nice photos

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Blue: So glad you are safe and able to share your experience. You SWF photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with the group.

Misalyn said...

Glad to know that you're okay sis. I saw your post forum but I was coughing too hard at hindi na ako nakapagpost doon sa thread.

Galing ng night shift, kagabi sumilip ako sandali sa internet para ilagay ang link ko hehehe (adik talaga hahaha).

Spiderdama said...

Wonderful skies and clouds!

Manang Kim said...

Saan ang earthquake dyan ba sa Pinas? The last earthquake that I knew of is in Chili. I hope you are okey now, I could relate that because growing up I've experienced earthquake too. You take care! And thanks for the visit. God bless!


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