Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2010 international flora exposition part 2

hello everyone!here are some watery shots/views i took from the 2010 International Flora Exposition in Taipei designed and participated by different countries around the world,the exposition should be finish this year april  25,2011...the exposition will be the first internationally recognized exposition to take place in taiwan and the seventh of its kind to take place in Asia.Am still hoping to take one more glance at the expo before it will close this april(fingers cross)i will beg for hubby to bring me there one more time because our first visit there was not enough and it's like we only saw all the flower exhibit from different countries but not totally explore the whole vicinity were you can find more exciting exhibit including the one from New Zealand and i will be to much dissapointed if hubby won't allow me to go there again...so,for him to grant my request i will be too nice and more sweet for the next few months lol!and perhaps will surprise him this valentines and on his coming birthday this month...(excited much...!LoL)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

kung hei fat choi(happy chinese new year!)

hello everyone!!! it's been awhile since my last post yours truly been busy with loads of thing for my wedding preparations and working in between...this photos were included in our video to be presented on the day of our wedding...and i decided to take photos of me and hubby facing the sunset at cheng ching lake,we're so lucky that day that even the weather was so bad(it's freezing cold and the sky was a bit gloomy) it didn't stop us to go there and tryif  we can wait for a sunset luckily after past five o'clock the sunset was already there at the spot were i wanted it to take a snap...and here it is hope you enjoy my little sharing for the day...

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