Sunday, February 28, 2010

chiang kai-shek ceremonial gateway

just a quick post for today,its 2am here and im going out later to see my niece and maybe to find something to be click.... my niece asked me to buy her a handbag i will see if i could give her what she want...  the photo was taken last 2004 at chiang kai-shek memorial hall,i took lots and lots of pictures everytime i visit here but my niece,brother,friends and myself is always in there and this i think is the only nice one i could share,see,still my face is in a bit too shy that my face is always in the picture hahhaha(please forgive me again,it's not that i  loved myself  a lot,it's only that i just don't want to passed the chance)you know i will not be forever here in taiwan,lol!hope i can still visit taipei to capture some photos again without my face on it before my contract will end this coming september,wish*wish*wish*

Ceremonial gateway at the entrance to the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial 

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

the secret of me......being happy!!!

its been  a while since the last time i smile and laugh like theres no one around me and no one cares...i miss the real me,lively,energetic,full of stories and a lady who always smile.......  people forget to smile when  tired,annoyed,upset,facing problems and trials in our lives but,it is normal as a human.... few hours ago i was about to do my post but suddenly stop it after my friends in high school invited me to chat with them and its a real fun chatting with them,i smiled,laughed and seems i forget all the troubles bothering on my head,even forget that its almost 2am in the morning and i needed a rest....oh! it is such a great time talking with old friends and knowing who's who of our  past thing that made me real happy is that i found  out that my classmate who happen to be my secret crush before was on facebook and on the list of my friends LOL!(hope he can't read this,hahhaha)well,he's married now as what my friends told me,i added him just to see how he looks like now and guess what???gosh!he never change (i think i don''t need to elaborate)but,he's really handsome hahhahhaha(me laughing so hard like a teenager,waaa)...hope no one will kill me after reading this post hahhahaha...(please,forgive me i just want to be happy sometimes)and besides,it's been years 17years to be exact since the last time i saw some of them... high school life was one of the best part in my life nice to remember all those times....hope to meet them soon again... and hope you enjoy my little story of craziness(a moment of turning back the old times)and enjoy the photos i took while im on my way to home....  

let me share this quote:

"turn your wounds into wisdom"-oprah winfrey

"believe nothing,no matter where you read it,or who said it,no matter if i have said it,unless it agrees with your own reason and with your own common sense."-buddha

"better than a thousand hollow words,is one word that brings peace."-buddha


"have compassion for all beings,rich and poor alike;each has their suffering.some suffer too much,others too little."-buddha

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Sunday, February 21, 2010 the eyes of a child

"in the eyes of a child there is joy there is laughter,there is hope there is trust a chance to shape the future
for the lessons of life there is no better teacher.than the look in the eyes of a child"...hmmm,song that moves me whenever i sang this song tears are flowing into my eyes co'z i can always remember being a kid-never worried of anything,not even a single minute to face problems or trials... a kid that everybody loved,i always missed being a kid not because i didn't  taste all the riches a kid could have... i missed being a kid because when i was a kid i can dream of anything,i can hope,i can smile without hiding a pain,i can trust  anyone,i can love any person who will show their love to me,i can play,i can rest and i can tell the world that im a kid and nothing to expect more from me because i am just a kid..... oh i really missed those days....


see these kids???they doesn't care what's going on at that day,its after my dad's funeral they got tired after that tiring day and when we got home an ice cream vendor passed by on our house and when they heard it they rushed into the street and called the ice cream boy,OMG,you won't believe how much i payed for 3 dozens of kids that fall in line into that ice cream vendor,i almost cry again,hahhahaha because i payed a lot,but see?after they finished, smile came out into their face just like nothing happen right?they know its my dad's day but because they were just kids they can easily forget and move on with their own kids life....(how i wish i could still do the same thing like my granddaughter and nephew).

my eldest  grandson(left) and nephew(right)

my kids with willie

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

the dolphins

"those who are free of resentful thoughts surely finds peace"-

                  "some people change their ways when they see the light,others when they feel the heat." - caroline schoeder

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

.... on celebrating lunar new year and valentines

hello my dear blogging friends this might be a little late for valentines but still okey for lunar new year and since im here living in taiwan,i usually enjoy this season... a bit too tired but its worth it besides who am i to complain huh! okey,so this time i just want to share some of the gifts i have recieved from some nice and thoughtful people i know,its sad that i don't have someone to celebrate valentines but.... im very much fine besides being single doesn't mean i can't enjoy and feel the love.... right?  and let me share this  thoughts to you...  
                              Kung hei fat choi.... and Happy valentines day to all!!!

      "the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.they must be felt with heart."

                              a red envelop(my ampaw,hehhehe)

                                            cutie bear with ferrero(lovely)

                                            my personal favorite

                                            i really really love this one

                                            .....a lucky charm(for wealth,huh?)


                                           my favorite berries

                                            chocolates and cookies(which i don't eat)

 .....more flowers
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

memories of a broken vow

Tell me his name
I want to know
The way he looks
And where you go
I need to see his face
I need to understand
Why you and I came to an end

Tell me again
I want to hear
Who broke my faith in all these years
Who lays with you at night
While I'm here all alone
Remembering when I was your own

I let you go
I let you fly
Why do I keep on asking why
I let you go
Now that I found
A way to keep somehow
More than a broken vow

Tell me the words I never said
Show me the tears you never shed
Give me the touch
The one you promised to be mine
Or has it vanished for all time

I let you go
I let you fly
Why do I keep on asking why
I let you go
Now that I found
A way to keep somehow
More than a broken vow

I close my eyes
And dream of you and I
And then I realize
There's more to love than only bitterness and lies
I close my eyes
give away my soul
To hold you once again
never let this promise end

I let you go
I let you fly
Now that I know, I'm asking why
I let you go
Now that I found
A way to keep somehow
More than a broken vow


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Friday, February 12, 2010

skywatch friday- waiting.....leaving.... new beginning....

                                      jan.24 2010,2 days after  my dad's funeral i decided to leave.....and wait for my flight on early morning in manila,my family wanted me to stay for another night but i refuse, so on that day i left alone heading to manila,its not our  usual way everytime i got a chance to have a vacation every year almost all members of my family likes to come and send me to airport but this time was really different and its my choice not to bother anyone co'z i believe they need a lot of rest its not easy to mourn for almost 9 days no sleep,no eat(of corz we do but no appetite),no rest at all so i told them not to bother about my flight on the next more thing is that i don't want to cry in the airport leaving my family after what had happen,they used to see me as happy,strong and lively woman and  i want them to keep it that way even on this part of our lives....

                                     on my way to manila,i was too bored sitting alone in the bus funny that even im pretty tired i can't even get even a single minute of sleep strange because i was named "antukin sa car"(sleepy in car)....i look around and found those passenger sleeping peacefully with their companions some are chatting and watching tv... for no reason at all i grab my cam and decided to click and click....while the bus is here is what i got on that one Boring afternoon.... but memorable time for me because i want to cherish any moment that i can remember about my dad.....

    "all changes are more or less tinged with melancholy,for what we are leaving behind is part of ourselves"- amelia barr 

"besides the noble art of getting things done,there is the noble art of leaving things undone.the wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials."- lin yutang

"caring about others,running the risk of feeling,and leaving an impact on people,brings happiness."-harold kushner

"i believe that before anybody makes the journey to the other side,we have to know on a soul level that we are leaving,whether it's an accident or illness,and we prepare ourselves to a certain degree that we won't be there in the future."- john edward

     "immortality is to live your life doing good things,and leaving   your mark behind." - brandon lee

     "imagination is not something apart and hermetic,not a way of leaving reality behind;it is a way of engaging reality." - irving howe

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

watery wednesday- my life,my happiness,my family.....

"a family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.if this minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden,but if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden." buddha 

"you should respect each other and refrain from disputes;you should not,like water and oil,repel each other,but should,like milk and water mingle together." buddha

"thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,and the life of a candle will not be shortened.happiness never decreases by being shared." buddha

"freedom conceives that the mind and spirit of man can be free only if he is free to pattern his own life,to develop his own talents,free to earn,to spend,to save,to acquire property as the security of his old age and his family." herbert hoover

"i had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books,my family,and few old friends,dining on simple bacon,and letting the world roll on as it liked,than to occupy the most splendid post,which any human power can give." thomas jefferson

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

monochrome weekend-shadow

"we are formed and molded by our thoughts.those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or follows them like a  shadow that never leaves them. " buddha


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Thursday, February 4, 2010

skywatch friday-a piece of thought

   sometimes,we tend to be happy even we are not sometimes,we tried to be strong even the truth is we are weak.......after weeks of mourning,here i am the pain of lossing a father still haunts me,i laugh, smile,talked just as i am used to be but the feeling deep down inside me is still crying.... crying for a father who asked his  youngest daughter before he died.i left my dad after ten days even on his crucial time,i know he will leave us very very soon but still i decided to go because i have to,and i have no choice.....after four days my dad passed away with the tears on his eyes looking for me,how can i ever forget that he asked me to decide on one big family issue,i am the youngest and yet he wants me to talked with everyone about his operation that everyone knows will only give him more trouble because his body is already to weak at that time,my dad knows it but he still insist for it,i want to give what he wish because i know it will make him happy for atleast on his last time i could give him what he wish for but my family refused and im the only one who wants it......

    to hard to move on when you know you just sit there and did nothing,some may say im useless like some  people say coz i just let my dad die with out the operation but in my opinion i know he is more happy now no more pains and sufferrings....because even the doctor says he may leave anytime for his body never accept any medication anymore,the feeling of  guilt is still on me,but, do i have to be guilty?am i wrong for not letting him have the operation?some say,i  did,we did the right thing but, whatever it is my dad already passed away and i have to move forward for there are still some missions for me to finish,anything what my dad started especially on SERVING THE PEOPLE for 20 yrs in my community,i may continue that in right time because for now i need more courage,time and effort....     there is one thing i can't forget with my dad,he may not be the perfect father for me but he is indeed a perfect father to teach us to love,respect ,have faith in God,to strive for our dreams and to believe that even the poorest person in the world could change his life if he got the guts and the courage to do it.  i will always miss  my dad and will always loved him.....

i took the pictures on my dad's last day of mourning at about 5 a.m.  as i look into the  sky bidding my last goodbye to him....

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