Saturday, May 29, 2010

...the nine-cornered bridge @ cheng ching lake

one of the most visited spot in cheng ching lake is the nine-cornered bridge...been walking here for almost 5 years now and as i've mention on my earlier post (read it here) that i never take any pictures in this lake not until this time that i found out there's so much to share in this lake.....hope you will enjoy this one i need to stop here because im on my  night duty and my quick rest is almost finish...thanks for visiting my blog....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my first skywatch adventure at cheng ching lake....

CHENG CHING LAKE  is one of the largest lake and most popular tourist attraction in kaohsiung it is located at NIAOSIUNG township 15 mins drive from my home  and since it is just very near to my place we used to take a walk in here very often but i never take pictures and never in my 5 years here to bring my camera with me only this summer that i realized i've wasted too many years not recognizing every beauty in front of me at cheng ching lake mybe its because i came here so often reason that i no longer feel the excitement of capturing any possible subject to see.well,not anymore because beginning today you will see more of cheng ching lake beauty from my blog...i'll share with you every single details in terms of photography that i may have chance to see again in this lake from birds to flowers from sunsets to sunrise and from old buildings to historical ones and i hope you will come back and join my adventure as i will begin to explore this lake....funny right?it's been 5 years eh but they say "it's better late than never"....  and for my first adventure let me share to you my first skywatch at the lake taken all in just 1 time from 6pm to 7pm taiwan time.

sunset and the tiny plane(click to see the plane)

this is the back of the famous grand hotel kaohsiung,the oldest hotel  ever built(i'll be posting some of my pictures of this hotel next time)i took it while im at cheng ching lake

sunset is almost the back of that building is my home

cheng ching lake with the fading sunset

look!!!!i got this very beautiful moon after the sunset

...and this is the famous pagoda that you can find at cheng ching lake,i just took it using the zoom of my point and shoot camera(i will try to get a more clearer view of it next time)

....soft color of the sky that fascinates my eyes very much

see this plane?this plane is going to philippines lol!
look!!!i tried to used my zoom(maximum)and this is what i it...wait till i can purchase a new camera lol!it will be more bigger hehehe!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010 you know where you are going to?

do you know where you are going to?me????as of now i am a bit confused on many things right now....i really don't know what to do and what to think  first.when it comes to my future,a lot of good things are knocking on my door but.....i still don't know what to pick and what is the best....if i may decide just for my self and not thinking for my future i would rather pick to being as "SIMPLE" my life can be....i want a very simple and not so complicated life leaving with simplicity from food to clothing,from shelter to necessities.....but,.....but....this is not only for me.....not only my wants....but this is for my future at stake.....oh,well....mybe i need a lot of rest so i can decide better and maybe i need more nice and relaxing place to visit so i can set my mind......whatever guys surely will  know but for now i will just let my destiny pause for a while(think i can make it stop lol!).....  i need a coffee....wheww!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fun,fun,fun sunday @ the port.....

my computer and my connection is not cooperating with me now and i don't know what is going on some chinese character is showing up on my screen and i really hate it i can't even edit my photos huh!anyway,i will just try if this is going to are taken last sunday when i took my off day i had a great time exploring kaohsiung again and before lunch we went to the beach...i enjoyed every single moment taking pictures and swimming in between...i thought i could share the photos this time but as i've said my computer is not good this time so maybe next time again and i really hope this chinese annoying characters won't show up...please... for the meantime let me share to you some...hope you like it...and thanks for dropping by....mhwuaaaaaaa....


Thursday, May 13, 2010

sunrise at da hwa park

i took this photos using my cellfone one saturday morning when i went for a morning walk at da hwa park....i usually don't want to bring my camera so i really regret it when suddenly this sunrise wave at me for 5 mins... and its not easy to set and take a shot  using a cellfone especially when you are rushing to capture your subject before it will be out of your sight...also, there are lots of birds flying around and it is sad that i can have a good catch on my cellfone  i tried to use the video setting but its  funny because only the sounds of the birds are clear so i just  decided not to include it. hope you guys will like my sunrise..... 



click to see the bird saying goodmorning  sunrise!

click to enlarge and see the two birds captured by my cellfone

two guys doing their yoga almost everyday except sunday....they are here summer,winter and do i know?well,been doing my early walk for almost 5 years now but not everyday lol!

...........there you go,see you again next time and don't forget to visit skywatch friday to see amazing sunrise and sunsets all over the world....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother of mine......

being a mother needs a lot of courage,faith,love,and is not like having a baby pig or having a puppies that after it was born you can throw it away or just leave it where you want it to be...when i was still a kid at the age of 10 i already learned to take care of my little niece who was then born in the city and my big brother wants me to help them since it is vacation in the started all in there i learned a lot of things.... new things that not even my mom wants me to learn at that  early age and it doesn't stop there while im growing up i noticed that i love taking care of babies(well,not only babies coz even animals)and dreamt that someday i want to be a nurse it didn't happen for many reasons(one is because me being sick and always faint).

as i am enjoying the feeling of taking care my little nephews and nieces i begin to understand how  lucky  we are for having our mom,she took care all of us without the help of no one not even single person help her when she was raising us,to think that we are so many she handled and managed everything....more and more when all of us need to go to school she worked so hard while my dad is away and i can still remember there were times i woke up in the morning without my mom's presence and when she comes home most of the time we are all sleeping....

mom never complain,she never say anything not even a single word i hear from her,but she's the kind of woman that will stand in front of many people judging her kids.....she cry when we cry and she laugh when we are happy...she is like the "narra tree" so strong....very very strong she can face all the trials and sacrifices just for her thing i really admire her is that when someone wants to adopt me and bring in the US she refuse and choose to keep me with her.....i thank her for that though some people says i could have a great life in US(who knows right?)....i am very grateful she didn't let other people to raise me because i got a chance to live and learned so many good things on her she taught me how to be independent as she is,not allowing anyone destruct my desposition in life,give love and respect others might it be younger and older than me,wish nothing more than what we have and what we can have by giving our full ability to get it,and most of all love yourself as you love your creator.

she is one in a million mom and i  could say that i don't even need this special occasion just to let her know how much i love her and grateful i am for being her daughter i can tell her everyday how much i love her and i always wanted her to be with us for more years...if only i could make my mom stay with me for life and give back to  her everything she gave to me i will....because she is my strenghs,my courage,my wall,the light on my darkest times,my bestfriend,my everything........thanks mom for the love and for your unending  patience,for the full support and for taking care all of us and now our kids...

i hope you could read this.....this one is for you!(do you still remember this song when i was still small)

mother of mine(jimmy osmond)

You gave to me all of my life

To do as I please

I owe everything I have to you

Mother, sweet mother of mine

Mother of mine when

I was young

You showed me

The right way things

Should be done

Without your love,

Where would I be?

Mother, sweet mother of mine

Mother, you gave me

Happiness much more

Than words can say

I pray the Lord that

He may bless you

Every night and every day

Mother of mine

Now I am grown

And I can walk straight

All on my own

I'd like to give you

What you gave to me

Mother, sweet mother of mine (x2

yours truly giving a bath to my baby niece danica

she's only 2  weeks on this pictures last january

                   my baby jd who is 11 y/0 took the photos while im giving bath to baby danica
                  and this is for you my mother dear....for your love and for everything,i love you!!!

                                                             happy mother's day.......

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

sunset @ my roof top

"For me optimism is two lovers walking into the sunset arm in arm. Or maybe into the sunrise - whatever appeals to you. "Krzysztof Kieslowski

Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God. (Quote by - Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

carabao in a waterhole

we considered carabao(kalabaw)as our national animal though there is no law or decree that
states carabao being our national my country carabao plays a great role in agriculture.. farmers usually use this animal to work in the field to prepare the soil for planting,it  also help in bringing/carrying the crops to be sell in  the cow, carabao's milk is also good for human consumption and i remember my family drinking it every morning except me who was originally born not drinking milk of animals(only my mothers milk when i was still a baby).we used to have 3 carabao's and i saw how this animal help us on our sad when one of them need to sacrifice i can still remember when my brother got married and my family decide to sell the female one...leaving the male and the baby carabao with us...its becoming lesser and lesser now and i just hope  our government will do something to preserve their life hope no one kills them just for food,for they do great jobs in the fields.and they must be preserve for future generations...

even carabao feel the heat  of the steaming weather and enjoying himself in his waterhole didn't even bother to get up and pose for a while to the way,i took this photo in shou shan zoo park in kaohsiung when my niece,a freind and i went there.

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