Saturday, May 22, 2010 you know where you are going to?

do you know where you are going to?me????as of now i am a bit confused on many things right now....i really don't know what to do and what to think  first.when it comes to my future,a lot of good things are knocking on my door but.....i still don't know what to pick and what is the best....if i may decide just for my self and not thinking for my future i would rather pick to being as "SIMPLE" my life can be....i want a very simple and not so complicated life leaving with simplicity from food to clothing,from shelter to necessities.....but,.....but....this is not only for me.....not only my wants....but this is for my future at stake.....oh,well....mybe i need a lot of rest so i can decide better and maybe i need more nice and relaxing place to visit so i can set my mind......whatever guys surely will  know but for now i will just let my destiny pause for a while(think i can make it stop lol!).....  i need a coffee....wheww!

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Dragonstar said...

It makes an interesting pattern. I hope you find the right path.

Carver said...

I like the photograph very much. It is a great shot for your post. I hope that whatever you choose brings you happiness.

Lucy said...

You will be wise and choose the right path. Sometimes it takes some false starts to get on track. You are a smart young lady.

jack69 said...

This is one of those things that family and friends can advise on,
BUT, untimately as you know it is YOU, YES that three letter word, YOU!

Your future, your goals and YOUR desires. YOu seem pretty stable and smart, so you will chose the right one. Once chosen, never forget the reasons you picked it, and don't look back to say I should have done this or that.

That is not to say you cannot chane your mind, AND I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you more than ever a safe step ahead of you, today, tonight, always.
Please update your blogrole, as the "barefoot navigation" is no
more. I beg your pardon for this.
A situation made it neccessary. It might take a while to understand and realise it, mostly for me. If ever there will be a "kind of return", I'll let you know. Until then it would be a joy to be able to comment upon your site.

Serline said...

The whole picture is a little too dark, is it intentional, to reflect your feelings? Make it brighter, just as you would your choice in life, because whichever path you choose, it will be the right one.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

@drag0nstar,carver,r0bert and lucy,
Thank y0u guys f0r inspiring me and f0r all y0ur wishes.thank y0u very much.

Thank y0u,0ne thing I d0n't want to happen is to regret 0n what I did so,i really h0pe I c0uld decide well f0r myself.

Thanks f0r c0ming the picture was made intenti0nally dark and y0ur right that is m0re 0n reflecting what I felt.

Dave said...

interesting pattern, the picture tells a story.

RuneE said...

On my browser (Firefox) I see only half the photo without clicking on it. However, I appreciate that you have intentionally made that path into the future a bit dark as an indication of uncertainty. We all feel like that sometimes.

Cheryl said...

The picture matches the words so nicely. Bravo!

ilovepink1078 said...

You captured my interest! Honestly, I like this song and it fits to your photographs. Perfect!

Pink Go Green
MAPEH homepage

Misalyn said...

Liliwanag na yan neng,...lalo na ngayon 'medyo' inlove ka na hahaha.

Seriously, goodluck sissy. Am happy for you.

Anonymous said...

So did you find your way out :P.. Nice pic though :D

Coffeeveggie addict. said...


thanks for the visit..


thanks sis,sana nga sana nga!


haven't found yet1

abbott.simth said...

It is better late than never. We all are guilty of doing the same thing, but some of us never learn. You have learned and captured some great images.

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