Thursday, November 19, 2009

loving the life-i have down here!

original shot around 5:30am(taiwan time)

edited(color balance)

original shot...around 6:30am(taiwan time)

tinted shot(edited)

0ne might think what life p0ssibly d0 I have here?well,let me tell y0u- close y0ur eyes and feel the m0rning breeze 0n a c0ld winter m0rning,while y0u are walking on a place safer to have a walk even in the middle of the night.
A place where y0u can find pe0ple enj0ying the nature created by G0d each m0rning and bef0re end of the day,couples having their chit chat while sitting on a bench,y0ung 0ne's playing basketball on the court,middle-age pers0ns having their everyday r0utine of exercise(they called it "int0ng-int0ng"),and s0me pe0ple d0ing their y0ga!

I enj0yed watching these pe0ple as I enj0yed much feeling the nature,being a nature lover I can't help myself w0ndering what if all this beatiful things came t0 end?where there still a place f0r me to enj0y my stay here?
I may still stay because of my j0b but definetely n0t enj0ying everything .
This place and pe0ple keeps me g0ing everyday seeing them s0 lively makes myself c0mf0rtable thinking that "life is beatiful" and "each m0rning there's always a reas0n f0r us to smile,to love,to give,to care and to enj0y the rest of the day" th0u s0me of us are away fr0m our own h0me......      

here are some of the flowers you can find in this park,at this season you can't see much but on month of february-may  all the flowers are blooming especially orchids,different kinds of orchids and different colors...each tree has one orchids hanging on it,a hundreds perhaps if im not mistaken...

side view


Misalyn said...

what a lovely shot you got here blue. I love the skies, the serenity that it brings by merely looking at it.

You made me close my eyes to imagine the scenery.

Have a blessed sunday.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

thanks sis for dropping by,buti nagustuhan mo yung pix...naaadik narin ako kumuha ng mga picture at gawin kong pampalipas ng oras at pangtanggal stress hehhehehe....

always take care!!!!

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