Thursday, November 19, 2009

lotus pond in kaohsiung

let me share with y0u a bit history and s0me ph0tos we took last may at the lotus p0nd here in kaohsiung taiwan.s0rry for th0se ugly faces hahaha,i just d0n't want to edit anything anym0re c0z im pretty busy to do that.oh! by the way,we went there with papu(my niece cousin)he really enjoyed the place,and the ice cream we bought for him... So there y0u go!enjoy!

Lotus Pond, named after the aquatic plants growing in it, is located in eastern Zuoying District.One of the more famous temples is the Confucius Temple to the west of the lake, the biggest of its kind on Taiwan.Architecturally similar to examples from the Song Dynasty, the temple features an arched bridge and an embossed bronze wall profiling Confucius.Other prominent landmarks around Lotus Lake are the Dragon Tiger Towers with their relief carvings illustrating twenty-four stories of filial piety, twelve men of virtue, and the thirty-six generals of the Emperor of Heaven.The ancient Zuoying North Gate is also nearby.As the first gate built with earth and stone in Kaohsiung, it is historically significant and worth visiting.
-excerpt from khh travel guide online

the dragon tiger towers

entrance of the dragon tiger  tower

i took it from the main entrance

side view of the dragon tiger tower

another one

 entrance of the dragon tiger tower

i took it on the west side of the lake

while waiting for the car one more pose hehhehe

those fish are not for human consumption

the place where i took the giant buddha

another pagoda

taoist temple
i took this one after trying my best to climb at the pagoda

it made me crazy taking this one coz  its pretty hot that day,i don't know where to hide my face from the sunshine!!!

after our 3hrs walk alas, i found this tree with its captivating flower

another view taken at the west part of the lake

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