Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whatever will be,will be???

5 yrs from now what will i be???who cares…???well,let me think……….maybe…..???
a fulltime and dedicated mother
a caring,loving,understanding and very supportive wife,hehe…hope that to happen eh!???

a ever loving,supportive,caring,provider,will and always will be there whenever they needed me and still the youngest daughter of my parents,who will not leave and forget them at any cost(that’s for sure)

a sister to my siblings, always there and ready to help,no matter what will happen,cause a family will always be a family as the saying goes "blood is thicker than water"you can find a lot of people but a family will only be your family for once and you can’t come back on that time again and always think it’s the last day you can share everything to them for nobody knows when- one of them will be gone….(it’s true… if i could only turn back the time i’d like to share any moments with my kuya boy,nole and ditse for they all passed away in unexpected time…)sigh*

A loving,supportive and always protective tita to my niece’s and nephew’s…though they are really so many i want them to know that i will always be here whenever they needed me i will not be too far to reach,all they need is to knock 3 times and all the doors and windows will be open... for my heart and 1/4 of my life will always be for all of them….(wag lang financial ha???poor ang tita nyo,hehehe…)

a guardian to my ayah’s kids…just hoping for the best for this little kids…

and lastly…..

a career woman….???

well,i guess…not anymore unless….huh!!!honestly,i want to take a break 5 yrs from now…something that…nobody will give their commands at me…nobody will say "do this and do that"im a little bit tired and enough for those bosses, supervisors,co-workers,utsusero at utsusera,etc.etc…huh..!!! and i want to take sometime for myself being the boss of my own will and rights in my own c0mf0rt z0ne sipping my fave barista c0ffee….huhuhu….hope it will happen sooooon….
anyway…no matter what- nobody knows and can predict what will happen on the future so,let’s just see and hope for the best….GUDLUCK TO ME…hehehe!!!!

i love this….
When i was just a little girl
I asked my mother "what will i be"
"will i be pretty.will i be rich"
Here’s what she said to me
***Que sera sera,whatever will be will be
The future’s not ours to see Que sera sera,what will i be,will be?
When i was just a child in school
I asked my teacher "what should i try"
"Should i paint pictures,should i sing songs"
This was her wise reply



Salitype said...

well, seems like you are pretty sure on what will you be 5 years from now, good for you!

sounds like a good goal to me,goodluck! here's a cup of cappucchino grande for what you want to be...cheer's!


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Hello again madam eng,thanks f0r the cappucchin0 grande,c0uld y0u tell me h0w I can f0llow y0ur blogs,i can't find the w0rd f0llow 0n the dashboard,really new to this blog thing.hehe...

Misalyn said...

"a caring,loving,understanding and very supportive wife"

Bilisan mo na kasi hahahaha...para dumami ang lahi mo...mas maraming magiging PFS members.

Seriously, alam mo naman sis na naniniwala ako na ang mabuting asawa ay bigay ng Diyos at alam ko rin na hindi ka nagmamadali.

It is a given fact na hindi natin alam ang dala ng bukas pero mas maganda na rin yung may mga plans tayo.

Goodluck sis blue.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

thanks sis,basta sana matupad yan lahat para masaya....hehhehhehe


open book said...

basta kung sino mauna sa atin, abay ang isa ah.. hahaha!!!

basta ache, kung anuman po ang mangyayari sa atin in the future, si Lord na nakakaalam.. and di naman nya ibibigay sa atin ang di nararapat sa atin..

miss u ache!!!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...


Thanks meme ako nalang aabay say0 kung pwedi pa hehehe,miss you to0.mhwuaaa

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