Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thousand d0llar tree

For my very first trial blogging using my ph0ne let me share to y0u s0mething...(me feel shy,hek,hek):-P

a simple glance at it made me realized that life s0metimes was so unfair....So funny that a lot of people ar0und the w0rld are n0w starving,n0 f0od,n0 clothes,h0meless and even penniless.....

While others are t0o busy spending their milli0ns on n0t s0 imp0rtant things,0h yeah right!atleast f0r them its w0rth the price,a th0usand d0llar tree(my eyes r0lling)...mainly just f0r dec0rati0n...sigh*

Oh well,if God made me rich surely,i w0n't settle buying this stuff I w0uld rather share anything I have to the needy 0nes,keeping the f0undati0n we 0nce dream and n0w...
A reality,...the

And n0t just a mere tree... Hehehehe!
Here take a look at this thousand dollar tree that I alm0st cry while capturing the m0st lovely sh0t I could have...
So I could share it with y0u....;-)

Amazing 3 in 1 colors


Misalyn said...

Hi sis...welcome to the blogsphere! Another ka-PFS in the bloglandia.

I am lucky and proud that i came to know you,iilan na lang ang tulad mo hehehe...mag-anak ka na kasi para dumami ang lahi mo.

Sayang nga ano? Hindi kasi tayo rich para mas marami pa sana tayong magawang mga projects. Am still optimistic...God will make a way.

I love the collors of that tree...sure ka ba na tree yan? It looks more of a bonzai...well galing nga naman pala sa malalaking trees ang ginagawang bonzai hehehehe.

Have a lovely weekend.

Co0feeveggie addict. said...

Hi sis,thanks for dr0pping by talaga namang unang una ka talaga ha,hehehe....
Kaya love na love kita eh...

Yan napasama narin ako dito,makikigulo hahaha,para kahit pan0 makalimutan mga dapat kalimutan...sigh*

Btw,tree nayan sis kase 26yrs old nayan eh,alanganin ko siya tawaging bonzia/plant s0brang taas kase at s0brang tanda...hehehe

Salitype said...

hi, found out about you thru misalyn.

yeah! unfortunately, life is never fair in some respect.

lovely picture of a tree covered in blossoms!

welcome to blogosphere!!!


lolit said...

wow!i am happy for you at least you have something to be busy about,welcome to bloglandia!
Life is sometimes unfair but then we still have to go on despite these odds. Yes, our dreams in the foundation must go on, we may have a long thorny road to lead into, BUT let's go on!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Hello there madam salitype,thanks f0r dr0pping by... am still familiarizing on blogging(h0w it g0es),0ne of these days I will be one of y0ur follower,can't wait to have free time s0 I c0uld read,p0st and to c0mment on y0ur blog as well...

Ninang lolit,
Happy to see y0u here,i love y0ur blog,h0pe I can be like y0u and madam c0ns and racz,i really admire all of y0u...
Im to0 busy f0r this blogging thing but I will find time to atleast p0st 0nce in a while..

open book said...

hello ache!! navisit ko rin blog mo..

sana nga, rich nalang tayo no?! hay!!!!

welcome sa mundo ng blogging.. akalain mo, nagkita kita ulit tayo dito.. hehehe..

sana in person magkita na rin tayo.. I really like you and the rest of the group..

meron din ako need na kalimutan.. hehe..

nga po pala ache, follow ko na blog mo ha.. follow ka na rin sa akin.. mwah mwah!!!

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