Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what i miss in philippines

     my lovely hana

               there are lots of things that i missed in philippines,my adorable kids,my grand  children...and my whole family... yup,i am a young grandmother of nine  cute and lovely kids and i missed them terribly especially my pretty hana,during my last vacation they always stayed in my home and i enjoyed  playing with her,she really love to dance,to sing and to pose like a real model....her grandfather(my brother in-law)a photographer always capture any pose she will make and record all the song she used to sing,making video's of every move she is doing. well,actually most of hana's song are words or usual conversation from us-our daily talkings,anything she heard of us and keep on her memory....then she will combined it as a song...i can always remember one of her fave song and she's singing it like a rock star coz she's jumping ang banging while holding the line of her song goes like this"buhay hirap-hirap,san punta....ewan ba" i really don't have any idea where she get all those lines...i was surprised then and laugh out loud because she's so adorable and there she's singing in front of us with her untitled song and lyrics from nowhere,lol!

 i also missed my kids,now they are growing so fast four  months from now two of them are already in high school,how i wish i can witness their graduation rites coz they are already asking me to come home a couple of times,i still didn't say yes coz i don't want any promises,if i can make things possible i would never say YES or NO,but surely i will be there if i can...

i missed them all and i missed all  the fun,i miss talking,singing with them and i missed preparing something for everyone cooking anytime of the day if im in the mood and later they will ask when will be the next snack or meal time because they enjoy the one they just finished.....

i also missed going anywhere like swimming and walking in the middle of rice fields,chatting with all my friends,long lost friends/classmates and long time neighbors since i was born...wandering the town where i used to not a robot and i don't have a stone heart,well sometimes if i need to but season like this it is so hard not to feel the so called ''homesickness'' yep i still can feel it.

i don't want to be emo i just want to free this feeling and write anything here besides,this is the real purpose of this help me cope with anything and be my friend when i need someone to talk,...

she pose for a while to show her smile on the camera

can't wait for the microphone(on her 1st birthday)

i miss places like this

(thanks mariel for the beautiful photos)


Misalyn said...

Talagang maraming nakakamiss sa Pinas sis...of course number 1 na dyan ang family natin. At sino ba naman ang hindi makakamiss sa irresistable smile ng apo mo...ah napaka contagious ng smile nya.

Yan ang buhay nating mga OFW's..mas mahirap sa akin kasi ngayon ko pa lang nararamdaman ang malayo sa mga anak ko....mula lang ng inuwi ko sila.

Emote mode tayo parehas ah hehehehe.

Good morning kapatid.

Lucy said...

That child is adorable!!! As you well know, I let my feelings out in my Day to Day blog and I can feel that you are hurt at the circumstances you are in. You write what ever is necessary for you and, believe me when I say I shall read it.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Korek ka sis,medyo yan ang part na mahirap sating mga ofw at minsan kahit nakakasad wala tay0 magawa kase di naman pweding liparin lang ang pinas or lakarin,dala yata ng klima kaya nakakaem0te...sigh*

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Thanks my dear y0u're s0 sweet...
I will love to read all y0ur p0st too.keep safe!

Anonymous said...

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Salitype said...

ahh! those are wonderful photos and sweet memories.she's a cutie, your grand daughter!

writing is therapeutic. maybe that's the reason blogging was invented in the first place...for us to be one with one emotion, to let out those pent-up feelings. this is your cozy little corner of the world, write what your heart desires!


ruby said...

aw hang in there! na hohomesick din ako once in a while..I added u napala andfollowed ur blog

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

@123 123, thanks for dr0pping by.
Its my pleasure to share anything,c0me back anytime as y0u wish.

Thanks eng...your right i can write anything i want and what my heart desire thanks.

Thanks for following me,im following y0u to0.thanks!

Glampinoy said...

Nice photos...

May blog entry din ako tungkol sa pag-aabroad.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Thanks po sa pagdalaw,add po kita,thanks!

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