Sunday, December 13, 2009

santan flower for my ate nimfa in bangkok,thailand

                               i want to say thank you to my cousin ate NIMFA for visiting my blog and for  the time to listen and reminisce our family reunion that we always celebrate when we were still in the philippines.we shared a moment of recollection but then quickly stop when we both realized that we are already missing our family back home,we both felt the same feelings.....and before letting our tears to drop,we change our topic.i don't want her to be sad if she will read this post so i won't add anything that will make her cry,and because this is actually my first entry to Todays Flowers  im offering this post to her.Ate nimfa,hope you will like my token of appreciation for being the nicest cousin in the world.I truly missed you,its been years we never see each other but God knows YOU and everyone in our clan will remain dearest  to my heart that no one can ever replace.wo ay sorry that its only  here i can tell you this 3 magic words but i mean it.

Today's Flowers-Santan (ixora coccinea)

"Our pictures may fade, but our memories wont."

“you can always have friends doesn' t matter if  they're boys or girls but they can't always be there, but cousin's SHOULD always be there.”

''a cousin is someone out there for you when no one else has got your back, when they are the only family you have left, your official brothers/sisters"

"cousins are true, best friends are few. what a delight to have both in you".

                 "No power of hell, no scheme of man, Can ever pluck her from my hand! Till she returns,or calls     us home,Here in the power of Christ we stand "                               


Lord CM said...

buti pa kayo close ng mga cousin mo, kami siguro nung mga bata lang pero nung lumake na, nagsilayuan na sila at di na kami nagkikita...

Kuha mo ba ung mga pix na yan?

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Yup,close kami lahat magpipinsan b0th sides.
Lahat ng ph0tos dito sa page ko ako kumuha pwera yung 3 galing sa friend ko na si mariel,yang santan kuha ko 2days ago,napansin m0 ba may bunga yung santan?

Anonymous said...

Hi,my ever beautiful cousin.It's nice to talked to you,thank you very much for the blog dedicated to me.Rest assured I'll treasured it and keep it in my heart as a
remembrance.How's life going on there?I hope someday we'll meet
again.How I wish we can have a
Ferry Reunion so we will know who are added in our clan.What do you think?Ok,have a lovely days ahead of you.Take care always.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Hi ate,magandang idea yun,sana makauwi ka ng march or april mgset tay0 ng reuni0n together with safe always.mhwuaa

ellen said...

Nice catch! Mine is up. Hope to see you.

eden said...

I love Santan and plan to plant one in my garden. I hope next Spring season.

thanks for the visit.

Chie Wilks said...

beautiful flowers....nice shots

mine is here

Naturegirl said...

A sentimental tribute to your cousin and how much she means to you. I also started up TF meme so my best friend could have beautiful flowers to look at weekly in the dead of winter...a season she dreads..TF is the next best thing to actually strolling in the garden!Memories that last forever in each image posted!
Welcome to TF...come by and meet me the ultimate Nature that you're a vegetarian so you are a lover of animalss too!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

thanks for dropping by.
i've added you on my list

thanks for the visit.

@chie wilks,

thanks girl,see you on your blog

@nature girl,
thanks for your wonderful word.and i love you photos on your blog.

Mandy said...


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