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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2010 international flora exposition part 2

hello everyone!here are some watery shots/views i took from the 2010 International Flora Exposition in Taipei designed and participated by different countries around the world,the exposition should be finish this year april  25,2011...the exposition will be the first internationally recognized exposition to take place in taiwan and the seventh of its kind to take place in Asia.Am still hoping to take one more glance at the expo before it will close this april(fingers cross)i will beg for hubby to bring me there one more time because our first visit there was not enough and it's like we only saw all the flower exhibit from different countries but not totally explore the whole vicinity were you can find more exciting exhibit including the one from New Zealand and i will be to much dissapointed if hubby won't allow me to go there,for him to grant my request i will be too nice and more sweet for the next few months lol!and perhaps will surprise him this valentines and on his coming birthday this month...(excited much...!LoL)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

kung hei fat choi(happy chinese new year!)

hello everyone!!! it's been awhile since my last post yours truly been busy with loads of thing for my wedding preparations and working in between...this photos were included in our video to be presented on the day of our wedding...and i decided to take photos of me and hubby facing the sunset at cheng ching lake,we're so lucky that day that even the weather was so bad(it's freezing cold and the sky was a bit gloomy) it didn't stop us to go there and tryif  we can wait for a sunset luckily after past five o'clock the sunset was already there at the spot were i wanted it to take a snap...and here it is hope you enjoy my little sharing for the day...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

welcome 2011....

before 2010  ends i got a chance to visit palau island then after palau here comes philippines and oh!before i forgot 4 days before my vacation to philippines i got a photoshoot to finish and why i am telling all of this????because that's the reason why i've been away for so long and i really really missed my blog and all the people i know in the blogging world maybe,no one misses me here but for me wasted time won't change to miss every person i've met through this blog....i've so much to share but for now i still needed a much  rest because the doctor told me's  quite fast to tell you but i....on my way to having a baby!!!yup,and it's a little bit to risky for my situation....i will try my best to update as much as i can and visit my old friends here,hope you guys still with me for this year!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL and GODBLESS everyone!!!!

                                                photo taken in Palau island

                                Palau island's temperature ranges to 33-35 degrees(i got sunburn here lol!) always on daytime and there's a few rain showers on night time....quite amazing because even the sun shines so brightly the rain will just suddenly fall on your hotel roof lol!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

stairs and windows

happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!

"the windows of my soul are made of one-way glass,don't bother looking into my eyes if there's something you want to know, JUST ASK"


posted for :the weekend in black and white
doors and windows

Thursday, November 18, 2010

wind power park at cijin

this wind power park is located at cijin kaohsiung erected facing the beach,one of the most visited park in cijin not only because of the seven wind power standing there but also because of the beautiful views of the waves coming from the sea...if you are a nature lover you will appreciate more the scenery coming from the sea waves and those kites flying at the sky..there was a rain that day so my photos are a bit dark,i guess i need to return there by 2011 at summer time again because i am sure that until now the remains of typhoon last month was still there(i saw it on the news)i ask hubby to check that out after the typhoon but he told me it's quite dangerous to go there because we saw the water coming from the sea is really too high and it almost coming through the highway...

Monday, November 15, 2010

...... the ceiling,roofs and the stairs of jhongsing pagoda @ cheng ching lake

jhongsing pagod is also one of the main attraction at cheng ching lake aside from the nine-cornered bridge and fu kuo islet that i have posted but this one might be the most tiring yet fulfilling place that i've been to at cheng ching lake...once you've reached the top you can view the whole city of kaohsiung...
for the meantime let me share to you some of the photos that i captured during my visit to the pagoda...i really enjoyed capturing the angles of its ceiling,stairs and its roof as well....i may post the whole story and full views of the pagoda at my photoblog...(hope you check it out!) the way these photos are taken using my old point and shoot sony digicam....thank you for dropping by and to those who come by to comment  at my previous post please forgive me if i comment back so late sometimes it is due to my busy work loads that sometimes i can't even open my pc but i am sure to visit and comment on your blogs once i am free...thank you!GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

innocence,loneliness and hard work

just for fun and to unload all my stress i tried to join the photocontest of 2010 PEBA INTERNATIONAL PHOTO CONTEST though i am not sure if im gonna win co'z i know there are lot more better than me some are professional photographers and some are just like me a photographer wannabe lol! but we all have one thing in common OFW who live outside the country to work and earn a living for our family... since the theme for this year was about  family i chose this two photos that represents the "HARD WORK" and "INNOCENCE vs. LONELINESS".... as an  OFW we face a lot of hard work just to earn and give the best of everything for our love ones,save a little for the future and hoping that someday  we can be together with them again...especially with our kids whom we left,some of us leave those kids with our parents or anyone from close trusted relatives though it is always a hard part to leave them behind we still keep those tears on our self just to pursue something that will bring them good future,a good education that we always wanted them to be finished and a good life that some of us parents didn't experience in our time(should i need to mention me not having a computer not even a cellphone or an iphone during my time)those kids we left back home never know how hard it is to be an OFW...and never they will understand how us(OFW) sacrificed everything for them... their "innocence"will keep them smiling till the time they will know and understand the word OFW and experienced to be an ofw by themselves "LONELINESS" is still out of their curiosity so i guess this two photos rolled into one...i don't expect much joining this contest being a part of it as a supporter to PEBA is more than enough for me but if you still like to join me you can GO and VOTE for my entry....
....those who would like to VOTE for this entry please click 2010 PEBA INTERNATIONAL PHOTO CONTEST  and here's how to vote...
1.LIKE the fan page first 2.OPEN the album 2010 PEBA INTERNATIONAL PHOTO CONTEST and at the PAGE 3 look for the entry #27 and #28(that's my entry) "LIKE" at the bottom of my photo entry  and leave a comment(optional) just to make sure your vote counted! 
NOTE:clicking "LIKE" the photo album doesn't count on my votes though of course you can click it as you like.... there you go hope you guys will VOTE for me and i wanna thank everyone in advance...THANK  YOU!!!!

clicking the photo will direct you to my entry

clicking the photo will direct you to my entry

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